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Baseast Laser is a global laser equipment supplier. Baseast LASER equipment provides laser application services to the world's top 10 mobile phone brands


Laser Marking of Phone


We can find many laser marking applications on the mobile phone, such as brand LOGO, text marking, IMEI code, electronic components inside the mobile phone, circuit board logo, text marking, as well as power adapter, headset, portable powerbank LOGO, etc., are all done with laser equipment.


Laser Welding of Phone


Compared with other welding methods, laser welding has small thermal deformation characteristics, high efficiency, and good precision. It can be used for welding refractory materials and dissimilar materials.


The interior of the mobile phone is very compact, and the design is very precise. When welding is used for connection, the area of the welding point is required to be small. The traditional welding method is challenging to meet this requirement. Therefore, the welding of the mobile phone's main parts is mostly laser welding, including mobile phone cover, frame, camera module, fingerprint recognition module, battery pack, etc.


Laser Cutting of Phone


Laser cutting processes applied to mobile phones include sapphire glass screen laser cutting, camera protection lens laser cutting, mobile phone home button laser cutting, FPC flexible circuit board laser cutting, mobile phone handset laser drilling, etc.


Laser Etching of Phone


Laser etching is mainly used to etch circuit diagrams of smartphone touch screens. The principle of laser etching is to directly act on the ITO thin film layer by adjusting the high-energy laser beam's focus position. The ITO layer is instantly vaporized to achieve the etching effect. Simultaneously, due to the adjustable nature of the laser energy, this will not affect the substrate material on the bottom.




LDS Laser Direct Structuring


A computer is used to control the Laser's movement according to the conductive pattern's trajectory, and the Laser is projected on the three-dimensional plastic device. The circuit pattern is activated in a few seconds. The metal pattern is structured by electroless plating on the molded plastic bracket directly processed using a Laser.


Baseast LASER equipment provides laser application services to the world's top 10 mobile phone brands


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